Truck Parts Lookup Spotlight: Nate Knorr

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Hello and welcome to the first installment of the Truck Parts Lookup employee spotlight!

Today we’ve got with us Nate Knorr, Manager of our database and product entry team. Nate has been with Diesel Laptops (our parent company) for 3 years and is a critical team member for all things parts and database for Truck Parts Lookup, Truck Parts Cross, and several other internal projects we’re developing.

Nate first started in our Technical Support department but through his leadership skills and parts experience, was quickly selected to head up the data entry team. Having been in the parts world for over two decades, Nate knows parts and he knows what’s important to our users.

So where did you come from?

Nate: I was born in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin in 1979.

But Wisconsin got cold! So my wife and I decided about 5 years ago to move here to sunny South Carolina, and after a brief stint as a Parts Pro for a local International dealer, I ended up at Diesel Laptops in the support department.

We bought a fixer-upper on several acres of land, and so I love to fish when I’m not fixing up the house.

What do you do here at Diesel Laptops?

Nate: I started here at Diesel Laptops in Technical Support, working on the diagnostic side. That’s where we help shops diagnose engine problems using the Diesel Laptops software. I did that for a while, then was promoted to Product Manager for the Truck Parts Cross and Truck Parts Lookup platforms.

Currently I’ve got about seven employees in-house, and we’ve got a number of off-site employees that I manage.

How did you get involved in the parts world?

Nate: Well, my dad worked at an International Dealership his whole life – 40 plus years – he needed a parts guy for a little while, and I said yes. This was about 1998, right after high school.

He convinced me to go to college, so I did there in Wisconsin and got certified for Parts and Inventory Control Specialist.

From there I’ve worked for Cummins, American State Equipment, worked on the construction (off-highway) side for a while, then came back to International where I was an outside sales rep for a number of years.

What does a Parts Manager actually do?

Nate: A Parts Manager oversees all the tasks happening in the parts warehouse. Inbound/outbound freight, shuttle drivers delivering product, and front counter operations for all customers walking in the door.

What’s your favorite color?

Nate: Orange.

What’s your favorite food?

Nate: All kinds!

Cats or dogs?

Nate: We’ve got two dogs.

What do you miss about Wisconsin?

Nate: the change in seasons and watching the leaves change every fall.

Thanks Nate!

As we move forward with our parts database, Nate will be the guy who brings you all the updates, new features, and products to make your business more efficient, faster and more profitable. So next time you search for a part, say a little “Thanks Nate!” for all his hard work.

Until next time,

Mike & the TPL Team